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Castle Glen Liqueurs

Castle Glen Brewery's summer range of light beers such as Pale Ale, Pilsener, Wheat Beers and Lagers are a real hit with our loyal clientele. During the cooler months, Castle Glen Brewery watches over the maturing of our Autumn / Winter line-up of Draught Beer, Dark Ales such as Black Granite, and Stout. We have also added a range of Gluten-Free Beers - so there is something for everyone.


Castle Glen has always been renowned for offering alternatives to the usual alcohol line up - whether that be in Wine, Fortifieds or Liqueurs - and our Beer selection is no different. We have recently released some specialty Beers made from local Stanthorpe fruit. Cedric has been weaving his magic and put together several beers made from strawberries and cherries for those who love to try something a little bit different. Our Ginger Brew is very popular, and there are wine beers made from Chardonnay and Cabernet fruit to try as well. Our trademark range of beer is only available from our Cellar Door on the Granite Belt, or via our Online Store